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During the brutal Chicago winters, any loss of heating comfort is more than an inconvenience. Your furnace is a survival necessity and requires immediate and professional attention. With a history dating back to 1998, Chatham Comfort Controls Heating & Air Conditioning is familiar with the challenges of local weather and have the experience, resources and skills to combat temperature drops and furnace malfunctions. To ensure total temperature control, safe operation and your family’s well-being, call us at 773-842 -4299, and you’ll always speak to a live representative.

For those critical times when you just can’t make it until regular business hours, Chatham Comfort Controls Heating & Air Conditioning offers emergency service. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our factory trained, certified technicians are available to handle the most complex system failures. It doesn’t matter how old or new your equipment it is, which brand or the condition, the team from Chatham Comfort Controls Heating & Air Conditioning has extensive training, a broad range of tools and parts available, to return your home to warm and toasty in no time.

Through ongoing training, sound business practices and consistent customer satisfaction, Chatham Comfort Controls Heating & Air Conditioning has met the exceptionally high standards necessary to be recognized as an American Standard Authorized Dealer. Rest assured, whenever possible, we use Factory Authorized Parts to optimize efficiency and reliability of your equipment. As an elite Comfort Provider, we provide our customers the added peace of mind of Satisfaction Guarantees, covering both equipment performance and service quality. For even small fluctuations in comfort or elevated operational noise, don’t hesitate to call the trained professionals from Chatham Comfort Controls Heating & Air Conditioning. By arriving promptly, protecting your property, keeping a neat work area and low pricing, we strive to eliminate the stress and inconvenience of heater repair.

Our goal is to ensure a rewarding experience from the moment we receive your call to the completion of the job. We keep you updated on all work, provide recommendations, and get your approval before starting the project.

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* Central Air Conditioning Installation & Repair
* Furnace Installation & Repair
* Boiler Installation & Repair
 * Hot Water Heaters

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